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Leaders learn best together, in community with lasting support, challenge and feedback.

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The short story of LeadershipOnline

Leaders learn best together, in networks of lasting relationships sharing support, feedback and challenge.  So … in 2003 we started e-facilitating cohorts of leaders (>4000 so far), in 2018 we upgraded the platform to host events, conversations plus hundreds of articles, videos and resources.  900+ leaders have joined so far.  

Join LeadershipOnline to be part of our community of leaders.

Why leaders join LeadershipOnline

To feel connected and not alone!  To be part of a community thinking about leadership and culture.  This is the biggest/greatest reason leaders join.  

Even when some say they join for free stuff, great content, resources, short modules, fresh research, real leadership stories and insights from peers, we know they love feeling connected, too.  

Joining LeadershipOnline takes just a few clicks and enables you to:

  • Ask questions and start conversations to explore topics that don’t have easy/obvious answers.  What would you love to ask a leadership “brains trust”?  What leadership questions do you have that need more than search engines can answer?  
  • Meet people like you who share your interests and challenges.  Leaders who want to contribute, make a positive difference and impact.  
  • Make better decisions with a community of peers as a safe sounding board.  Make confident decisions about things important to you.
  • Be inspired by real stories (not advice), thought-provoking conversations and different perspectives to enrich your own.  Plus weekly new materials exclusive to LeadershipOnline.
  • For more about what to expect from LeadershipOnline week-to-week and month-to-month, check out the Welcome Article.

Join because you ...

  • can see your next leadership challenge and know what you want to contribute ... and would love to share your ideas with  a safe sounding board or reference group 
  • have been promoted (without being developed) into the metaphorical “deep end” and want fast access to experienced voices.  
  • attended leadership training and are not clear what to do next.  You want follow up support and relationships to test/apply new ideas.  
  • have signed-on for leadership development and want some early insights and advantages.

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